The Educator’s Book Club is a blog specifically for teachers (and parents!) who desire to pass on the joy of reading to their students. Each week there will be at least one new post. These posts will come in two forms.

  • Preliminary posts: These posts will introduce each new book that will be the focus of discussion. Try this one to get started.
  • Review/Discussion posts: These posts will always succeed a preliminary post. I may post them anywhere from 3 – 14 days after a preliminary post depending on how long it will take to read the book.

I invite you to track down the books we’ll be discussing and get in on the action! Comment on the book reviews and suggest titles you would like to see on the blog. Even better, share these pages with your teacher friends so we can all pool our ideas that will help get kids excited about reading.

Furthermore, each post will fall under one of three categories.

  • Early Childhood/Lower Elementary: These posts will feature picture books and short chapter books for children 3rd grade and below.
  • Upper Elementary/Middle School: These posts will feature more picture books, chapter books, and novels written for students in grades 3 – 9.
  • High School: These posts will feature novels and short stories suitable for students in grade 9 – 12.

You can pick the grade level you teach, the age range of a specific student, or just read all of them! However you use this blog, I hope it helps you find ways to let literature further infiltrate your teaching.

Have fun reading,


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